Spirit Shift

It’ll be made, one day. Did concepts, level overviews and developed look and feel of the art style.

This was one of those “shoot for the stars” kinda games that ended up being too high of a scope for us to tackle with such a small team. You played as a young adventurer who is trying to get out of an extensive dungeon. After meeting a demon, he gives you the ability to meld with him and shift in and out of two dimensions (hence¬†the title, “Spirit Shift”). It plays like a side scrolling puzzle platformer where the introduction of new mechanics such and upgrades of old ones allows for extensive exploration and puzzle solving. The levels were to be laid out in a Metroid-vania style with hidden relics and rooms to reward the exploration that we wanted players to¬†pursue.

I began concepting characters and environments in my spare time to get the visual aesthetic of the game going. We decided on the screens below as the style that we wanted and the pipeline for our content.

Game Design by Patrick Rossetti. Programming by Ari Velazquez and Todd Hooper.