Smash Game (Working Title)

Creating all 3D content and Textures.

We started this project as an entry to the Ouya Create competition and have kept working on it since. We came into the competition a bit too late to get it completed in time but we believe that we have something worth continuing to work on. As the title suggests, it plays as a homage to Smash TV with procedurally generated rooms and the addition of upgradable weapons and perks for each player. We are also introducing a proximity mechanic which we call auras. Players within a certain distance to the activated aura get the temporary buff that it gives.

The art style was super rushed to begin with to fit into the constraints for the competition. We’re still playing around with different themes and concepting different styles but whatever we decide on will be well worth the time spent. We’re still working on it so stay tuned.

Game Design by Patrick Rossetti. Programming by Burton Posey.

Project Details