Robots Love Ice Cream

One Sweet Robotic Adventure! Defend Citizens from Robotic Invaders that want to steal that Delicious Ice Cream!.



This is a game for iOS that was funded by Kickstarter in 2011 and has been heavily in the works ever since. I joined the team in 2012 and am currently creating 2D and 3D content for the game, as well as designing gameplay mechanics, enemy waves, weapons, and planet layouts. This is a very large scope game that is being designed by a very small team. We have come a very long way since the first prototype and hope to release as soon as possible.

In Robots Love Ice Cream you play the role of an intergalactic, ice cream delivery truck driver, armed with weaponized ice cream to protect your paying customers from robotic invaders. You can customize your truck with unique weaponry and equpiment and travel to different planets across the galaxy, each with its own unique mechanics and enemies.

rlic banner art

Banner Art for RLIC

As your efficiency and planetary score go up, so does your score on the leaderboards. Using the Sprikletonium(SK) from destroyed robots, players can upgrade their weapons and equipment to better accommodate their play style. From the Boomsicle to the Brain Freeze, each weapon offers a different approach to defending each planet’s citizens which is essential to get a sweet score.

We’ve recently done a lot of work on UI and player interaction by introducing the store and a new control scheme that is much more user friendly. We have also introduced platforming as a mechanic which nicely breaks up the once clean and endless surface of any given planet.


Postcard giveaway for PAX Prime 2013

Being a game for mobile, all of the assets need to be as efficient as possible. I have learned a lot about the constraints of mobile during this project and all of the assets are min-maxed to get the optimum performance with the least cost.

Images provided by Dragon Army with permission.

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