Hot Mess

Sexy Sprayer for iOS.

Check it out on the App Store now! Also, here is a list of some interesting publicity and reviews:

“Simply amazing ” 5/5 - by sdimmick

I can’t get enough of this game. I feel like there’s always a better, faster way to beat each level. The concept and the artwork are just hilarious. A+, will be playing for quite a while.

“Awesome.” 5/5 - by God Slayer

Found out about this game through the story on Kotaku. Congrats on approval!

“Sick!” 5/5 - by Schibo4

Probably what Gauntlet looks like on an acid trip.

“Slightly addicting!” 5/5 - by Jake_of_atl_trades

Every time you get a little further it gets weirder and you have to play more. Definitely a good one. Great retro music and graphics.

“It’s Getting Hot in Here” - by WDGP

The best early plot twist in videogaming this year, or perhaps any year…VIDEO





Hot Mess is a game by Secret Library. In Hot Mess, you play the role of a malfunctioning, fire-fighting robot who mistakes the fires of love and compassion for those which he needs to extinguish. You run around spraying naked people…that’s the pitch.

The game plays top-down in perspective with front facing sprites, and has a vibrant and contrasting color pallet. You play through many different “love motels” and extinguish the lovers within them, causing them to fall into a damp anger as you have ruined their passionate evening. Extinguishing lovers causes you to “boost” with computastic glee and trample anything in your path for just a few seconds. Spraying lovers while boosting causes a “chaining” effect causing an infinite boost which is key to completing a level in as little time as possible.

Here’s some art and stuff.


(Bouncer Robots: Idle and Chasing)




(Lovers: Idle)


(Player: Movement)

Images provided by Secret Library with permission.

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