Made with Flash, top to bottom.

Constellar is a game that I created where you play as a Sun who is tasked with setting constellations throughtout the cosmos. Your enemies, the angry Space Clouds, do not want you to succeed because the creation of constellation will create so much heat that the Space Clouds will evaporate. The Space Clouds will pick up the small stars when they cross over them and add them back to your Star pool. However, if the clouds touch you their angry Moisture will put you out!

This is just the basic prototype inspired by scrolling shooters and games like Super Crate Box and Ad Nauseam 2 where the entire game is played on one screen. The visual aesthetic is not yet defined but the information needed to play is clear enough for a playable prototype. It is set up like a scrolling shooter with the ability to introduce different enemy types, obstacles, puzzle mechanics and levels.

This game is Flash based. Click HERE to get Adobe Shockwave if the game does not work.


Use Arrow Keys to move
Press “X” to place a Star
Press “Z” to pick up a Star
Press “Space Bar” to Shoot

Project Details