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A Robo-repair simulator for mobile devices!

Little Broken Robots is a game that been a long time in the making. The original prototype started out as a post apocalyptic zombie survival game, which is far different than what it is now. You can see the visual progression of the game HERE. LBR has been hand crafted with as much love and time that we could put into it, and then some. We’ve filled it with secrets and polish that really makes it feel like a living thing, rather than a minimalistic puzzle game that the App Store is filled with. We hope that you love playing it as much as we loved making it.



An Adventure Game Based Around Ice Climbing and Grappling. Winter is Here…

A game where you play as a stranded climber during the beginnings of the Lustrum, an ice storm that wipes out humanity every 100 years. You have the power to stop it…….if that is really what you want. Made with the very talented Jack Zackowitz @crabowitz as a fun side project that we are seriously dedicating some time to. Like, for real, we met up over a weekend, okay? Demo to come soon. :D






A jousting, card battler that @SimianLogic and I made for the Ludum Dare Jam. WHOOP WHOOP! Build a jouster, battle for King, RULE THE WORLD!

Sexy Sprayer for iOS.

Check it out on the App Store now! Also, here is a list of some interesting publicity and reviews:

“Simply amazing ” 5/5 - by sdimmick

I can’t get enough of this game. I feel like there’s always a better, faster way to beat each level. The concept and the artwork are just hilarious. A+, will be playing for quite a while.

“Awesome.” 5/5 - by God Slayer

Found out about this game through the story on Kotaku. Congrats on approval!

“Sick!” 5/5 - by Schibo4

Probably what Gauntlet looks like on an acid trip.

“Slightly addicting!” 5/5 - by Jake_of_atl_trades

Every time you get a little further it gets weirder and you have to play more. Definitely a good one. Great retro music and graphics.

“It’s Getting Hot in Here” - by WDGP

The best early plot twist in videogaming this year, or perhaps any year…VIDEO





Hot Mess is a game by Secret Library. In Hot Mess, you play the role of a malfunctioning, fire-fighting robot who mistakes the fires of love and compassion for those which he needs to extinguish. You run around spraying naked people…that’s the pitch.

The game plays top-down in perspective with front facing sprites, and has a vibrant and contrasting color pallet. You play through many different “love motels” and extinguish the lovers within them, causing them to fall into a damp anger as you have ruined their passionate evening. Extinguishing lovers causes you to “boost” with computastic glee and trample anything in your path for just a few seconds. Spraying lovers while boosting causes a “chaining” effect causing an infinite boost which is key to completing a level in as little time as possible.

Here’s some art and stuff.


(Bouncer Robots: Idle and Chasing)




(Lovers: Idle)


(Player: Movement)

Images provided by Secret Library with permission.