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So blogs are cool, right? It’s like short stories written by people who feel like others want to listen to their ramblings. This is the first post that I have ever made and the rest of my posts will probably stay in the same category, in fact, I’m sure they will. These are the tales of my video game travels.

I was in Miami for 10 days with the in-laws (wasn’t bad…don’t give that look) and decided to fuel my addiction by browsing through the local video game related stuff on Craigslist Miami. After a few days, I stumbled upon a strangely shaped, indigo box of sorts called a Triforce. Once I saw “Namco Sega Nintendo” nested under the iconic Trigon of lore, my hands quickly lunged to Google to learn more about this mysterious, Triforce System.

The Triforce is an arcade system board developed jointly by Namco, Sega and Nintendo, with the first games appearing in 2002. The name “Triforce” is a reference to Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda  series of games, and symbolized the three companies’ involvement in the project.


Sold, sold, sold – I was sold. I just had to have it. It looked to be in good condition, had a rather hefty asking price, but it was worth while to examine it more closely. I called up the listed phone number, spoke to the seller and set up a time to meet. When he arrived, he passed the system across his passenger friend and out the window of an old, beat-up pickup truck. This is when I knew that I could haggle. I scanned the surface, checked the pins and sniffed the PCB – which always gets me crazy looks – and everything checked out. It didn’t come with the GD-ROM which is practically essential for the Triforce to work easily, so I wasn’t about to pay the price he listed it for. After bluntly telling him that his asking price was too high and I believed that he wouldn’t like my offer, he shrugged and plainly said, “Shoot me a number.” “I’ll give you like $60 cash money, man.” “It’s your’s,” he said. Yessssss.